A jolly good time was had by all!  From hours of yoga to both nurture and train the body, to quiet and open the mind, lift the spirits and soothe the soul to traditional Irish session in the local pub with our host the amazing Roy Galvin of Tig Roy and a group of stellar artists.  Loads of hiking in Aherlow with a much welcome Finnish sauna afterward.  And food…..oh my!  Roy & Deidre cooked up a slew of delightful vegetarian delicacies.  Once he learned we weren’t all vegetarian, he made his mother’s lamb stew!

We are off to Glenstal Abbey after our 4 nights with Roy & his sister Deidre.  A long and winding road through vast expanse of vibrant flowering shrubs and green pastures leads to the imposing 20th century castle built to resemble Windsor that is the entrance to the Abbey.  Spending leisure time wandering the grounds or with Father Anthony acting as our mystagogue is an elixir.  Opening up to the teaching of St Benedict and taking in Lauds, Vespers and prayers in the chapel is another way to find solace and peace.  Convivial chats with Father Christopher as he tended to our every need at the guesthouse including our breakfast, more yummy yoga and even a few rollicking games of dominoes!

Thank you to all of you who came with me, I am deeply grateful for your presence in my life.  Namaste