"Everything you can imagine is real." ― Pablo Picasso

What is Kripalu Yoga? The essence of Kripalu yoga is learning how to be fully present in the moment-to-moment experience of being alive.

On the journey of Kripalu yoga, the practice of being present is your lantern, a core technique you can always come back to when you have lost your way, a practice you can rely on in times of challenge.  It consists of the following steps:

Breathe:  Let your breath flow freely in and out.
Relax: Soften your muscles and let go of mental tension.
Feel: Open to the sensations and emotions flowing through you in this moment.
Watch: Observe your experience closely, neither grasping at what is pleasurable nor pushing away what is painful.
Allow: Accept yourself and your experience exactly as it is, dropping the need to change it in any way.


Simple yet profound, the ability to bring ones self fully present is one of life’s true gifts.  Being connected to your body, attuned to your emotions, aware of your thoughts, you let the moment-by-moment experience of life touch, teach, and transform you.