Poems you have requested

by Dana Faulds

Life comes as is – no warranties, no extra button sewn inside the sleeve, no spare tire in the trunk.  The twists and turns of circumstance or illness catch us unaware, each day a thousand reasons to dispair, lament, forget the reason we are here.  And yet, despite the odds, the flame in each of us burns true.  Like butterflies emerging from cocoons, we learn to spread our wings and fly. We seek and find the light.


The body/mind is born with all that is required to know freedom.  Over time we find life’s only guarantee – we cannot be separated from divinity, nor cut off from the source of our supply.  Yes, we will age and die, yet that is but a change in form.  The essence of us soars as freely as a butterfly over fields of wildflowers.  Beauty sipping nectar, blessed and evanescent. In form and essence, we are beauty, whole and simply present.